Transilvania Pitch Stop (TPS) is dedicated to the first and second time Romanian and Moldavian filmmakers and it provides personalized guidance about screenplay development, as well as training and a platform for pitching the projects in front of prospective partners.

By partnering up with international film festivals, TPS supports the first steps towards funding for the most promising film projects, facilitating their visibility internationally.

For 2017, directors will be invited to submit fiction feature projects which are in an early stage of development. 

Special attention will be given to quality projects with a high potential to be made and a special focus on low-budgets and independent productions. The presence of a producer attached to the project is recommended.

The directors and producers of the five selected projects will be invited to TIFF where, in a marathon six-day workshop, they will form working groups with the trainers. The group activity will focus on effective ideas of "selling" the project in front of prospective institutional partners and financiers, on pitch preparation, and on the trainers' and the advisors' guidance on the scripts and dramaturgical structures of the projects. TPS focuses on groups' interaction and on getting acquainted with each project, thus encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas between teams, for a complete creative experience.

The awarded projects in 2016:

TPS Development Award of 2,000 Euros offered by TIFF , was won by Marius Olteanu’s Tie.

The CoCo Award was received by Grigore Becket (Republic of Moldova) with Alive in Moscow, and consisted in the inclusion of the project in the Connecting Cottbus East West Co-production Market.

Following the partnerships with international film festivals, awarded TPS projects will be invited to participate in their industry activities, for personalized matchmaking sessions with industry professionals (producers, financing companies, sales agents, distributors).

The call  for entries for Transilvania Pitch Stop 2017 is now open. Deadline: April 12, 2017.