Instagram Workshop: #infiniTIFFstories


How can the growing range of features (and restrictions) offered by Instagram be used to tell compelling stories? How can we utilize this medium which is both a tool for production and distribution and one of today’s largest social media outlets?

While at the moment Instagram is mainly used by influencers, brands, and for personal reasons, the aim of this workshop is to unlock the social network’s narrative potential applied through #Stories.

Reasons to attend

During the 4 day workshop, participants will gain a deep understanding of the narrative and visual features of the Instagram interface, dive deep into the tricks and secrets used by Instagram pros and put them into practice through the production of own #Stories. Built for the way we communicate today, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be the enabler of the workshop, helping participants to discover a more personalized way to express themselves.

Under the guidance of the Kissinger Twins, an award-winning creative duo focused on interactive visual storytelling, participants will learn quick, produce fast, and reach out far with the #Stories they create in the interdisciplinary environment of the workshop. Their #Stories created at the workshop should somehow relate to TIFF and be inspired by the new reality the festival brings into the city for the duration of 10 days. They will premiere publicly during the infiniTIFF Summit and will be e-published throughout TIFF’s network.

Target audience

The workshop will take on up to 15 participants interested in developing an own visual language for #Storytelling on Instagram and addresses professionals from film, technology, games and marketing, designers, writers, programmers, creative technologists, social media enthusiasts and anyone else with an interest in digital narratives. Country of residence: Romania. Age: 18+

Dates and presence:

  • Dates and presence: workshop: Sat 26th - Tue 29th May
  • working hours: 10:00 - 17:00
  • full time presence required for the duration of the workshop
  • final presentation: Wed 30th May at infiniTIFF Summit

Workshop language

  • English

Workshop location

  • ClujHub, Cluj-Napoca

Participation Fee

  • the workshop is free of cost; however, participants must cover their own travel and accommodation cost

Workshop leader

  • The Kissinger Twins (Poland)

Dawid Marcinkowski and Katarzyna Kifert aka The Kissinger Twins are a film and interactive director duo. In their works, they mix digital technologies with film, music and literature to create new forms of storytelling. They are authors of artistic projects such as Sufferosa, Forget Me Not, Webby Award winning The Trip, but also create interactive films and experiences for brands such as Expedia, Honda, Channel 4 or Philips. Their work has been awarded and presented at international film and new media festivals, including SXSW, Vancouver IFF, Reykjavik IFF, onedotzero, NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.  / @thekissingertwins


Day 1 / Sat, May 26

  • introduction, motivation and expectations of tutors and participants
  • Instagram as a platform for interactive, non-linear storytelling
  • references; case study
  • narrative structures; use of footage; interface
  • workshop assignment until next day: development of a project

Day 2 / Sun, May 27

  • presentation of participant projects; feedback
  • development of own projects under guidance of Kissinger Twins
  • art direction; tools; third party apps
  • guest tutor: Cristi Simonca, influencer & blogger:  / @bloguluotrava
  • workshop assignment until next day: development of a prototype

Day 3 / Mon, May 28

  • refinement of own project; production of visuals; iterations
  • serial aspects; own brand
  • production on Instagram vs. off Instagram
  • guest tutor: Robert Katai, visual marketer & content strategist: / @katairobi
  • workshop assignment until next day: finalization of projects

Day 4 / Tue, May 29

  • final touches on projects
  • uploading; testing
  • Guest tutor: Dana Rogoz, actress & blogger, / @danarogoz

Presentation / Wed, May 30

Application details

  • Deadline: Thursday May 10th 2018,  22:00
  • Announcement of participants: Monday, May 14th 2018, 18:00