Ciné-concert: Right in the Eye (special screening for June 1st)

11.04.2018 19:51

Friday, June 1, 5 PM, Student Culture House

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Starting from the work of Georges Méliès, Right in the Eye / En plein dans lœil re-creates the poetic, surreal work of the cinema pioneer and technical wizard. The spectacular musical score of Jean-Francois Alcoléa, played live by Alcoléa & Cie, offer the public the chance to rediscover the early days of cinema and animation. The youngest filmgoers will be charmed by the fantastic imagery and characters, as well as by the playful and daring sound and light effects.

Georges Méliès is known for his special effects, early time-lapses, multiple exposures, and hand-coloring of film stock. The audio-visual show presented at TIFF tells the story of the first steps into in the world of cinema, inspired by the creative heritage handed down by Méliès, and enhanced by special orchestrations. The special screening of films such as Le voyage à travers limpossible (1904) and Le voyage de Gulliver a Lilliput et chez les Géants (1902) will be accompanied by light effects and an innovative set design, and a live score that combines solemn classical music with pop and underground rhythms, in a mixture that  is sure to mesmerize audiences young and old.