Film Food | Mâncare la pachet

13.05.2018 15:56

Tuesday, May 29, 6:30 PM, Universitatea Sapientia

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Mercedes Cordova’s Food on the Go invites us to a round-the-world adventure led by “cucina italiana,” the Mediterranean wealth of flavors that took over the world and reinvented itself with each new million of Italian immigrants settled in places like New York or Buenos Aires. Testimonies from around the globe tell us how Italian recipes have been reinvented to incorporate the cultural infusions of immigration or to address conflicts between various traditions.

The screening, presented by Staropramen, will be followed by a dinner prepared by chef Alex Petricean (of D’artagnan, which creatively combines quality ingredients with modern textures and original techniques). Petricean is a master in some of the best Northern cusines. The dinner will take place at Bricks restaurant on Tuesday, May 29, starting at 8 PM.