Film Food | The Quest of Alain Ducasse

13.05.2018 15:57

Wednesday, May 30, 6:30 PM, Universitatea Sapientia

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TIFF audiences will also follow on screen the trajectory of Alain Ducasse, the world renowned master chef and culinary mentor. An understated public persona, Ducasse has been awarded 18 Michelin stars and has owned 23 restaurants. Shot over two years, Gilles de Maistre’s La quete d'Alain Ducasse / The Quest of Alain Ducasse was screened this year in Berlin.

The TIFF screening is presented by LIDL and will be followed by a surprise dinner prepared by Florin Dumitrescu, one of Romania’s most beloved master chefs. Dumitrescu became a chef at 18; in the 12 years he spent in the kitchen, he cooked for celebrities like Nicolas Cage, Roger Federer, Wesley Snipes, Francis Ford Coppola, or Jean-Claude Van Damme. He will meet the TIFF patrons at the Bricks restaurant on May 30, at 8 PM.