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Moon Hotel Kabul

Moon Hotel Kabul (Romania)

Directed by:
Anca Damian
Florin Piersic Jr., Ofelia Popii, Adrian Titieni
TIFF edition:

Ivan Semciuc is a cynical investigative journalist. He is skilfully combining truth and fiction in his reports. Then comes a day when something similar occurs in his own life: at the end of a mission in Kabul, he has a one night stand with Ioana, the translator. The event is seemingly meaningless, but the next day, back to Bucharest, Ivan finds out that Ioana died with her wrists cut. The unshakable routine of his personal life enters a profound revolution, as Ioana is haunting him, more present in her death then she was during life. The film is raising questions about truth, love and the price we decide to pay for them.