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Ticketing policy TIFF.21




Starting June 10 tickets become available online at www.tiff.eventbook.ro or through the TIFF 2022 mobile app

Starting June 13 tickets can be bought in person from the TIFF Box Offices at

FLORIN PIERSIC Cinema, 11 Mihai Viteazul Square

VICTORIA Cinema 51 Eroilor Boulevard

Unirii Square ticket office

Starting June 17 tickets also available at:

ARTA Cinema 3 Universităţii Street

SAPIENTIA University 4 Calea Turzii

Box Office Hours

June 13 — June 16

 11 AM 7 PM

June 17 — June 26

 9 AM — 11 PM


We recommend purchasing tickets online. Physical ticket sales go through our box office in Unirii Square, Florin Piersic Cinema, Victoria Cinema, Arta Cinema and Sapientia University exclusively throughout the festival as per the above schedule.

All badge holders must reserve a zero-value ticket online at tiff.eventbook.ro or through our box office.


         • Regular ticket: 20 lei (valid for one screening only)

          • Matinee movie ticket (valid for screenings from 9 AM to 2 PM): 15 lei        


  • Tickets for outdoor screenings: 15 lei
  • Tickets for EducaTIFF screenings: 15 lei
  • Tickets for MĂRĂȘTI Cinema and DACIA Cinema: 15 lei
  • Tickets for the Opening Ceremony: 50 lei*
  • Tickets for the Awards Ceremony: 50 lei*
  • Tickets for concerts, cine-concerts, and other special events: 40 lei*, with the exception of Art Museum: 30 lei*
  • Tickets for the Concert Eliades Ochoa, Star of Buena Vista Social Club: 70 lei*, after 10.06: 100 lei*
  • Tickets for the Film Food screenings: 200 lei*


Upon purchasing a TIFF card online, cardholders will be e-mailed a unique code for reserving seats for the screenings and/or events of their choice. Cardholders can reserve seats for any screening and/or event in the program from any TIFF Box Office or online at www.tiff.eventbook.ro, upon presentation of the unique code received after they had purchased the card, within the limit of the seats available.

TIFF CARD.10: 170 lei. Access to 10 screenings of the cardholder’s choice, with the exception of special events marked with *.

Upon purchasing a TIFF X-Card online, cardholders will be e-mailed a virtual card with a unique code for reserving seats for the screenings and/or events of their choice, with the exception of special events.

TIFF CARD: 400 lei. Access to 25 screenings, including 3 special events of the cardholder’s choice (except Film Food screenings and the Closing Ceremony).

TIFF GOLD CARD: 1000 lei. Access to 30 screenings, concerts, special events and festival parties of the cardholder’s choice (except Film Food screenings, official receptions and press conferences).

Physical TIFF Cards and Gold Cards are issued between June 15 — June 17 at the Unirii Square ticket office but cardholders are not obligated to carry the cards on them: they can just use the unique code received by e-mail upon purchase to reserve seats.

Cardholders have access to a maximum of 6 screenings and/or events per day and cannot reserve 2 tickets for the same screening or event using the same card.


All tickets and cards are scanned upon entry. Ticket holders who purchased their tickets online can use either a printed ticket or an electronic ticket displayed on a mobile device. Access is granted only upon presentation of a valid ticket for that specific screening (except children under 3 years who do not occupy an individual seat).

TIFF staff can grant access to all TIFF badge holders who did not get tickets 5 minutes before every screening, depending on the seat availability.

ATTENTION! Ticket holders arriving within 5 minutes of the starting time of the screening will not have seats guaranteed. No admissions allowed after the screening or event actually begins.

Some films may not be suited for children or may contain sex or violence. TIFF recommends checking the description of every film before getting tickets.

Pets are not allowed inside cinemas.

Based on a ID card presented at the entrance before each event, Ukrainian citizens will have free access to screenings in Piața Unirii, screenings with Ukrainian subtitles in the EducaTIFF section (How I learned how to fly), for screenings of Ukrainian films (Reflection, Pamfir, Rhino) and for the DahkaBrahka concert. Access is based on available seats.


Purchased tickets will be used the new venue and time.

• The daily Unirii Square Open Air screening scheduled for 9:45 PM will be moved in the Students Culture House at 11 PM.

• The daily Iulius Park Open Air screening scheduled for 9:45 PM will be moved at Mărăști Cinema beginning with 10.30 PM.

• The daily UBB Open Air screening scheduled for 9:45 PM will be moved at Military Club Cinema beginning with 11:00 PM.


Tickets cannot be cancelled, voided, or changed. Refunds are provided only if the screening is cancelled in advance, due to technical issues, extreme weather conditions or other force majeure situations. Please check tiff.ro or tiff.eventbook.ro for details regarding rescheduling.

Tickets will not be refunded if the weather conditions deteriorate once the screening has started. 

Unused tickets included in packages are not refunded.


FLORIN PIERSIC CINEMA 11 Mihai Viteazul Square

VICTORIA CINEMA 51 Eroilor Boulevard

ARTA CINEMA 3 Universitatii Street

STUDENTS CULTURE HOUSE 1-3 Lucian Blaga Square

SAPIENTIA UNIVERSITY 4 Calea Turzii street


IULIUS PARK OPEN AIR 53 B Alexandru Vaida Voevod Street

MILITARY CLUB 51 Eroilor Boulevard

MĂRĂȘTI CINEMA 3 Aurel Vlaicu Street

DACIA CINEMA A1 Bucegi Street

ART MUSEUM, 30 Unirii Square

UBB OPEN AIR, Babeș Bolyai Courtyard, 2 Ion I. C. Brătianu Street

POLIGON PARK FLORESTI, 13 Sub Cetate Street, Florești

BÁNFFY  CASTLE, DJ161, Bonțida

ARKHAI SCULPTURE PARK VLAHA, 442 Principala Street, Vlaha

For further informations or questions please contact us via email at ticketing@tiff.ro