Phillip, one of the marginalised teenagers from a desolated suburban Juvenile Adoption Center, is forced by a corrupt police inspector to participate in a terrifying encounter which leads to severe consequences. Incited by Phillip, an emerging, ferocious leader of the pack, the lost boys from the Center resolutely embrace the path of violence, which takes them deep into the catacombs of the criminal underworld. Soon, all those who oppose or question their vigor, are considered enemies.

Festivals: Chicago 2016

World Sales: Reel Suspects - 42, rue Rene Boulanger, 75010, Paris, France

T: 33 1 58 51 42 95, F: 33 9 57 73 07 66

E: [email protected],

Directed by:
Vardan Tozija
Martin Gjorgoski, Deniz Abdula, Nikola Ristanovski
1h 42 min
Day 7
08 June
Location: Somes Open Air
Hour Event type Category Location Tiket
22:00 Movie Someș Open Air Somes Open Air FREE ENTRY. If bad weather occurs, screening will be held, starting 11:00 PM, at Cinema Dacia
Day 9
10 June
Location: Florin Piersic Cinema
Hour Event type Category Location Tiket
11:00 Movie Someș Open Air Florin Piersic Cinema Nici o descriere