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·             You must have already made at least one short film and be able to demonstrate your past work via a show reel that must be between 30-60 seconds in length.

·             All selected contestants must be able to attend The Pitch in Cluj-Napoca on the required dates and be available for on camera interviews with the ShortsTV team while there.

·             All recorded pitches, interviews, and contestant show reels will be eligible for broadcast on ShortsTV around the world.

·             You may only pitch in English.

·             You must be able to pitch your idea in no more than 1 minute.

·             Inclusion of props, actors or visuals during your pitch must be approved by ShortsTV.

·             You must hold the copyright to your pitch idea to protect the ownership of your idea.

·             If you win The Pitch, the prize money is provided on the condition that ShortsTV is given first right of refusal to broadcast the winning film when it is finished. A production funding agreement will be given to you.

·             Your short film must not exceed 40 minutes in length.

·             Your short film must have a maximum budget of €10,000 – it can only exceed this amount if ShortsTV is guaranteed first right of refusal to broadcast the finished film.

·             The winning film must be finished within one year, or the €5,000 funding will be withdrawn.


ShortsTV is the global home of short movies. With the world’s largest library of short movies - available on TV, online and in theatres - ShortsTV brings audiences the very best professionally produced live action, animation and documentary short movies from around the world, including hours of award winning and star-studded shorts. ShortsTV also creates its own original programming, putting the spotlight on both emerging and established talent and bringing viewers into the fast-paced world of short filmmaking.

On television, ShortsTV is the world's first and only 24/7 HD channel dedicated to short movies. Available across the US and Europe, the channel brings short stories to life in stunning high definition. In Romania, the channel is available to watch on Telekom Romania and NextGen.

Online, ShortsTV offers hundreds of the world’s best independent shorts for download on iTunes in over 90 countries across the globe and on Amazon Instant Video (UK, US and Germany), Google Play (US and Canada) and Verizon (US).

Since 2006, ShortsTV has presented the Oscar Nominated Short Films theatrical release in cinemas across North & South America, Europe, Russia and China with its special global media partners and has made the release available on VOD and EST platforms.

ShortsTV is operated by Shorts International Ltd, which is headquartered in London, England and represented in the United States by Shorts Entertainment Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary located in Los Angeles. The company is majority owned by Shorts Entertainment Holdings with AMC Networks a significant minority shareholder.

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