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Volunteer Roles


Cinema Star:

Cinemas are without a doubt the most important festival locations. Cinema Stars are making sure every day goes smoothly during and outside the screening times.

Indoor - We are looking for 45 volunteers

Your base of operations will be Florin Piersic Cinema, Victoria Cinema, Military Circle, Arta Cinema, Dacia Cinema, Marasti Cinema or Cinema City - Iulius Mall, locations you will get to know inside and out. You will make sure the location is always clean and tidy, has all the posters and leaflets it needs, and the public gets all the solicited information. You will work closely with the other colleagues (from screening, tech, subtitles, ticketing) to elegantly avoid any potential issue.


4-6 hour shifts, according to the location schedule. The last shift ends after the public enters the last screening of the day.


To have an eye for details, good organizational skills, a friendly attitude, availability to offer information and manage surprises.

Open Air - We are looking for 40 volunteers

Your activity will take place in Unirii Square, Iulius Park, UBB, Florești Park, Art Museum. Here, you will take part in arranging the set up (chairs, screens, access perimeter) and clearing all the materials after the screening. You will make sure everything goes smoothly during the access and the screening.


The shifts vary depending on the screenings and events taking place in your location. The activity generally starts around 18:00 and lasts until clearing, after the last event.


To work well in a team but to not be afraid of acting on your own. To be prepared for outdoor physical activity. To be punctual and responsible.

EducaTIFF - We are looking for 10 volunteers

They are the ones who get along with the youngest spectators and are ready to learn from every story.

You will assist and help organize the screenings, conferences and workshops within EducaTIFF, which is a film education program for children. You will also provide support in translating the speeches for the special guests.


5-6-hour shifts, during the first part of the day.


Good English speaking skills, good interaction skills with young people, communication and public speaking skills.


Screening Hot Shot:

We are looking for 90 volunteers

They are the volunteers in the front line interacting with the TIFF audience at all screenings, offering answers to all questions addressed to them.

You will provide access to the movie theater by verifying the tickets at the entrance. You will offer and collect the flyers with the audience`s vote and you will distribute TIFF advertising materials. You will acknowledge and provide information about the festival, the festival’s program and also about the ticket policy of the event.


5 to 6-hour shifts (the length of two movie projections); time frame: 10:30 a.m.-01:00 p.m.


You will have to prove your attention to details, a friendly attitude but also a contained attitude if needed and also seriousness. Punctuality and the capacity to work well in a team are particularly appreciated.


Logistics Hero

Beyond people, TIFF also means handling a great number of physical resources. Furniture, decorations, equipment, accessories, and materials of all kinds. True heroes not only know where to find all these items at all times, but they are also the ones who carry and install them.

Warehouse - We are looking for 10 volunteers

You will know everything that is to be found in the deposit or in other festival locations. You will help take stock of the items that arrive, transport and install certain equipment needed at the locations, you will run small errands so that the whole TIFF team can run its activity.


Approximately 6-hour shifts; time frame: 09:00 a.m.- 09:00 p.m. during the festival. A few days before and after the festival: flexible shifts.


Show us that you are well-organized and that you pay attention to details. Punctuality and seriousness are as important as your sense of humor. Also, it is recommended that you have a good physical condition.


Special Logistics - We are looking for 10 volunteers

You will help transport furniture and other equipment from one location to the other (chairs, beer sets, fridges, projection equipment, sound systems, etc.). You will ensure the installation of this equipment before the special events (TIFF parties, Weekend at Bontida, the screening at Vlaha) and their uninstalling at the end of each event. Your attributions mainly involve physical work.


The program is to be set depending on the events; on some days the schedule may lengthen until late hours.


To be tuned in for the work, to be reliable and to also have a good physical condition.


Subtitle MCWe are looking for 40 volunteers

If there is something as important as the movies in the TIFF 2022 program that is the subtitles.

You will have to provide the syncing of the subtitles and technical assistance for subtitles at the festivals’ screenings. Before the festival, you will be trained regarding the software you will be using. Also, you will have to make sure that at the beginning of each shift you have all the necessary files ready to roll and you will have to keep in touch with the technical department for any unanticipated situation.


The shifts generally include two consecutive screenings, depending on everybody’s availability, between 9:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


You must have excellent language skills in English (also, any other foreign language is a plus) and technical and digital skills at an elementary level. It is very important to have a sense of observation and to know how to manage your calm in tense situations.


Promo Master

They are volunteers who help the audience to identify early the movies and events they must not miss.

Promotion - We are looking for 20 volunteers

You distribute (brochures, flyers, newspapers, posters) in cinemas and festival locations. You help decorate and arrange locations and ensure the change of posters in cinemas, according to the schedule of films and events.


One week before the festival, a few hours per day depending on your availability. During the festival: 4-6 hour shifts/ day depending on the arrived materials. Increased activity in the first part of the day until 12:00, 1:00 p.m.


Good organizational skills and teamwork. Attention to detail is essential.


Daily Programme - We are looking for 5 volunteers

You will provide the daily program and the program posters in all festival locations. You will organize all movie posters and synopsis for the next day and bring the necessary materials in the TIFF cinemas.


4-6 hour shifts, in particular, 09:00-12:00 and 22:00-00:00.


Good organizational skills and attention to detail.

Nice to have: bicycles, roller skates, scooters


Tech Wizz

We are looking for 10 volunteers

They are the ones who can handle the situation even when all around are losing hope.

You will provide technical assistance in the festival locations, basic IT support. You will deal with the Internet connection, printers, and any other technical issues.


A few days before and after the festival. 6-hour shifts during the festival, between 08:00 - 00:00.


Technical knowledge of cables, computers, etc. IT basic knowledge, networking, and good mood :) 


Protocol Idol

They are the volunteers who make sure whoever needs to be at a certain TIFF event is there, and who should not enter, is not :).

Protocol - We are looking for 20 volunteers

You are going to take care of the guest access for special events and check the invitations at the access points. You will direct the public of special events and help create a flawless experience for our guests.


Depending on the events, during the day, as well as late into the nights.


To be punctual, serious, elegant and detail-oriented. To be able to say no to people with patience and diplomacy.


Guest Genius

They are the volunteers who offer foreign guests an amazing experience.

Angels - We are looking for 5 volunteers

You will meet the special guests as soon as they arrive and will make them feel at home every TIFF day. You will assist them at events, workshops and make sure they have all the info they need. You will guide them in their spare time, recommend tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, and clubs.


Each volunteer takes care of one or several guests, whom they assist according to the schedule of the guest.


To master at least one foreign language and a flexible schedule. You will need great communication skills, and to know a little about cinematography, music and the Cluj cultural scene.


Accreditation Desk - We are looking for 7 volunteers

You will take care of some operational aspects of the guests’ experience at the festival. You will print and organize the badges and be in contact with the guests as soon as they arrive at the festival. You will provide info about the program, locations, accommodation and the festival in general, from your accreditation desk.


6-hour shifts, in the morning or in the afternoon.


To master at least one foreign language. You will need great communication skills and the ability to offer information about TIFF events and locations, about Cluj in general.


Welcome Pack - We are looking for 7 volunteers

You will receive and organize promotional products for the guests. You will organize the special event agenda for every single guest, according to the accreditation they have. You will be in permanent contact with our colleagues from the Guest department to establish priorities.


2 days before the festival, flexible shifts + 6-hour shifts in the morning and afternoon, during the festival.


To master at least one foreign language, have good communication and organizational skills, and be available to offer information about TIFF events and locations.


Industry - We are looking for 10 volunteers

You will help organize TIFF workshops and masterclasses. You will make sure it all goes according to plan from a technical point of view (microphones, sound system, lights) as well as logistically (the room is set, the promotional materials are in their place, the location is clean).


It’s established according to the event, over 3 or 4 days during the festival, around 6 hours/day. You will have the possibility to get involved in other departments in your free days.


To be a detail-oriented team player. You will also have to be extremely sociable and never stop smiling.



We are looking for 5 volunteers

You will arrange products on shelves, and you will price the products according to the catalog. You will periodically check the stock in the store and you will know all the products, being able to inform the customer.


6-hour shifts/ day during the festival


To be friendly, responsive and organized. Good communication skills in Romanian and English.


Undercover Team

We are looking for 5 volunteers

It is the department that helps the other volunteers to feel like special guests.

They document the daily activity of volunteers, through photos and videos, from all locations of the festival. The photo albums are published daily (the day after they are made) and the final purpose of the activity is to create an Aftermovie that will be screened at the volunteers' party at the end of the festival.


5 - 6 hours shifts, depending on the team schedule.


Undercover volunteers must be passionate about photography and film and to have the technical knowledge necessary to make the Aftermovie (filming, editing).

* It is important that they have the necessary equipment of their own (camera / other)

Volunteers in this department are responsible, passionate and friendly to all TIFF volunteers.


Social Media Pro

We are looking for 2 volunteers

Volunteers from this department will be active on two fronts: TikTok and Instagram, both very important, because it is important that everything that happens nicely at TIFF reaches the public on as many channels as possible.

It documents the important and relevant events of each day, through photos and videos, from all the locations of the festival, which will turn into daily posts on the platforms mentioned above. The volunteers from this department will be part of a team of specialists in communication and social media, and all their activity will be carried out in close contact and under their guidance. The materials will be used daily, according to a plan established with your department coordinator.


5-6 hours shifts, depending on the team's schedule.


It is primarily mandatory for Social Media Pro volunteers to know and be users of TikTok and Instagram. They must be interested, curious, active and very attentive. The activity will be dynamic and often unpredictable, so volunteers must adapt to the context and type of event or character they need to capture. But that's not very different from everyday life, is it? ;)

The volunteers of this department are responsible, casual and constantly informed.


Volunteer Viber

We are looking for 2 volunteers

You will be part of the TIFF volunteer coordination team that handles the organizational aspects of the experience that all festival volunteers have.

This is the department that makes sure that volunteers have all the necessary information before they sign up as TIFF volunteers, have found their role in one of the TIFF departments, and are in contact with the department coordinator.


2-3 days before the festival, a few hours per day, depending on your availability.

Approximately 4-5 hour shifts between 11:00 - 20:00 during the festival.

What we expect from you:

To have an eye for details, good organizational skills, a friendly attitude