RO Days (June 14-18), the Industry platform of Transilvania IFF, aims to create a space of continuous collaboration between cinema professionals, encompassing several initatives targeting local and regional filmmakers. For more than 10 years, the platform is the first industry stop for meeting talents from Romania, the Black Sea and all over the world.

RO Days main objectives are:

  • to produce new development opportunities for Romanian & regional filmmakers;
  • to offer masterclasses, tutored lectures & financial support for emerging talents;
  • to discover the latest Romanian productions in a closed screenings environment;
  • to facilitate solution orientated round tables and debates for relevant industry topics;


Transilvania Pitch Stop

TPS co-production platform presents a selection of up to 10 projects, coming from 1st and 2nd time directors, currently in development and financing to international film professionals (producers, distributors, sales agents, representatives from films funds etc.) through the industry event organised in Cluj-Napoca, facilitating their international visibility and establishing the right connections to ensure financing for their projects.


Drama Room

Drama Room is a program initiated by the Transilvania International Film Festival in 2021 and dedicated to drama series creation and financing, aiming at building capacity locally and within the covered region. Drama Room is designed to help creators develop their series production skills and understand the dynamics of the international market. The program will take place during the festival and will consist of panels led by top experts in the film industry, as well as applied feedback sessions. 5 projects will be selected.


10 for FILM

10 for FILM is a project developed at Transilvania IFF since 2012, one that introduces each year 10 remarkable, but still undiscovered Romanian actors, to film audience and film professionals. Coming from theatres or having already some film experience, they were given a professional portfolio and a chance to impress. In a country where cultural life is concentrated in the Capital and a few important cities, the chance that performers that are not from this areas to be discovered are quite small. The main purpose of 10 for FILM is to bring this part of Romanian cultural life back into the light.


First Cut Lab Cluj

First Cut Lab Cluj 2023 is a programme designed for 2 long feature films in editing phase from Romania.

Selected producer/director teams will screen their full rough cut in a private session and receive expert feedback on their edit from three top international film professionals (creative producers, festival programmers, sales agents, etc) as well as tailor-made advice from a consultant editor and an editorial consultant. The main goal is to foster the artistic potential of the selected rough cuts and, at the same time, to increase the sales, festival and circulation potential of the completed films.


Closed Screenings

Closed screenings, a section of the RO Days, the Industry platform of Transilvania IFF, invites regional distributors, festival programmers, sales agents, key press and other industry experts to watch a selection of 3 exciting, Romanian, new feature-length films, not yet released to the public, with the aim of enhancing their distribution possibilities.

Attendance at Closed Screenings is by invitation only and the titles are considered out of competition screenings.