09.06.2022 14:59

Doru Taloș graduated from the Faculty of Theatre and Film, Department of Actor's Art, Cluj Napoca, in 2009. Between 2010 and 2013, he attended the Estudis de Teatro International Theatre School, Barcelona, a school based on Jacques Lecoq's pedagogical method, and got in touch with the local cultural scene. Since December 2013, together with Oana Mardare, he returns to Cluj aiming to open a theatre studio. Joined by a team of several artists and performers, he sets up the alternative cultural space Reactor for creation and experiment, a space that for 8 years has been supporting and contributing to the definition of the independent artistic movement in Romania. As an actor, during these years he has worked with directors such as Leta Popescu, Cristian Ban, David Schwartz, Catinca Drăgănescu, Raul Coldea.