24.05.2019 10:12

Born May 5, 1985

A graduate of the I. L. Caragiale National University for Theatre and Film Arts in Bucharest, she studied under professor Adrian Titieni. She made her debut in Radu Afim’s production of Thieves and works as an independent on several project with theaters Act, Luni at Green Hours, Unteatru, Metropolis, as well as the National Theater in Bucharest and the Toma Caragiu theater in Ploiești, working with directors like Alexandru Dabija, Peter Kerek, Lia Bugnar, and Matei Lucaci-Grumberg.

She continues to develop and participates in workshops (with Silviu Purcărete, Andrej Zholdak, and Peter Kerek), and has began to study theater art and history at UNarte.