18.05.2016 21:28

Date of birth: 25th of May, 1992

Nicholas Cațianis graduated the Hyperion University in Bucharest in 2014. He studied in the Arts Faculty, in the Drama section, with his professors being Eusebiu Ștefănescu and Rodica Mandache.

Over the course of his three years as a student, he had roles in Demons, A Stormy Night and Nunzio.

He also has had roles in three plays at the Odeon Theatre - A Streetcar Named Desire (directed by Dinu Cernescu), Three Generations (also directed by Dinu Cernescu) and West Side Story, directed by Răzvan Mazilu.

His most recent plays #Teenspirit, at the Excelsior Theatre in Bucharest, Recviem at the National Theatre in Bucharest and Martyr, at the Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in Bucharest.

In 2015, Nicholas Cațianis was one of the actors nominated for the HOP Gala (Young Actor’s Gala), where he won the Best Actor Prize.