08.08.2021 01:02
UNATC in 2000, in the class of prof. Florin Zamfirescu.
In 2000, she made her debut on the stage of the National Theater in Craiova, in the show Carnavalul gârfelor, created by Vlad Mugur, after a text by Carlo Goldoni. Since then and until now, she is an employed actress of the National Theater from Craiova. In 2014, she was nominated for the Uniter Awards, the category of Best Actress in a Supporting Role, for the roles of Mara, Mother's Mother, Psychologist, TV presenter in the show Profu de religie. Since 2015, she has been teaching, as an associate professor, at the Department of Actor's Art of the Theater Department, within the University of Craiova. In 2019, she defended her doctorate in Theater and Performing Arts at the UNATC Doctoral School.