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Premii TIFF

Transilvania Trophy

worth 10.000 euro

Alejandro Loayza Grisi

Best Directing Award

worth 3.500 euros

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson
Beautiful Beings

Special Jury Award

in amount of 1,500 euro, offered by CEMACON

Feature Film About Life
Dovile Sarutyte

Best Performance Award

worth 1.000 de euro, offered by Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim

Laura Müller and Schemci Lauth
The Night Belongs to Lovers

“What’s up, Doc?” Section Award

worth 2000 euro, offered by Tenaris Silcotub

You Are Ceaușescu To Me
Sebastian Mihăilescu

Special Mention of “What’s up, Doc?” Jury

Yuri Ancarani


offered by the International Film Critic Federation jury to one film from Romanian Days section  

Monica Stan and George Chiper-Lillemark

Audience Award

worth 2.000 euro, offered by MasterCard

Alejandro Loayza Grisi

The Audience Award for the most popular Romanian film

worth 1500 euro, offered by Dacin Sara

The Goat and Her Three Kids
Victor Canache

Excellency Award

offered by Mercedes-Benz

Maia Morgenstern

Romanian Days: Best feature film

worth 10.000 euro (post-production services) offered by Cinelab România    

Bogdan George Apetri

Romanian Days Award for Best Debut

worth 1.000 euro, offered by Banca Transilvania  

Blue Moon
Alina Grigore

Romanian Days Special Mention, Feature Film

Man and Dog
Ștefan Constantinescu

Romanian Days Award for Best Short Film

worth 5,000 euro (camera & electric & grip equipment services), offered by CutareFilm   

Aurică, a Dog’s Life
Mihai Dragolea

Romanian Days Special Mention, Short Film

The Inheritance
Marian Fărcuț

Romanian Days Special Mention, Short Film

Miruna Minculescu

“Full Moon Script Contest” Award

Best pilot script for series/ miniseries, in amount of 1,500 euro

Squash a bug for me
Alex Olteanu

Chainsaw Europe Award

25,000 euro in post-production services

Panagiotis Charamis

The Transilvania Pitch Stop Development Award

in amount of 5,000 euro, offered by Avanpost Media & TIFF

40, Maria Luisa Boulevard
Kristina Spassovska

The Moldova National Film Center Award

offered within the Transilvania Pitch Stop program, in amount of 1,500 euro

As Shadows Fade
Burcu Aykar

The CoCo Award

offered by Connecting Cottbus Co-Production Market

Where Elephants Go?
Gabi Șarga and Cătălin Rotaru

VILLA KULT Development Award

worth 500 euro (dedicated to development and research for a project in Romania/Moldavia)  

Maxim Baraliuc, producător Ana Volosinovici

Local Competition Award

worth 1,500 euro, offered by Banca Transilvania and post-production services, worth 15,000 euro, offered by Numa Film  

Emilia Hosu are H.I.V
Ioana Păun

Special Mention in the Local Competition

worth 7,000 euros (in post-production services), offered by Numa Film  

Dragoste în vremea coronei/ Szerelem a korona idején
Szucher Ágnes-Bernadett

Alex. Leo Șerban Scholarship

worth 2500 euros, offered in partnership with Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim

Don’t Let Me Die
Andrei Epure and Ana-Maria Gheorghe

Alex. Leo Șerban Scholarship Special Mention

worth 500 euros, offered by AFFT

Andreea Alexandra Vraja

Alex. Leo Șerban Scholarship Special Mention

worth 1,000 euro, offered in partnership with Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim to a young Romanian actor in a short or feature film that premiered in 2021

Conrad Mericoffer
Poppy Field

The Young Francophone Jury Prize

offered by TV5 Monde, RFI Romania, Institut Français

Audrey Diwan