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Film Journalism Workshop

How do we talk about the films we like? In a few lines, in a comment on a post asking for “good films”, in a long discussion with friends during an evening out, or in a long article, all of the above most likely root into passion.

And passion also means a potential to influence others, to “contaminate” them with our favourite films. The film journalism workshop is a good opportunity to give shape to the thoughts on films (or parts of films) that stay with us after we leave the cinema.

For younger children, the workshop is designed to awaken their passion for film, to show them how films are not just longer clips, but wonderful stories.

Program offered by Gen Revista (

Trainer: Alexandru Ciocan – Romanian language teacher, videographer, editor

Ages 16-18 - Saturday, June 10, 12 p.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street, 3rd floor), Cluj-Napoca

Ages 7-10 - Tuesday, June 13, 4 p.m. – the Barn in Poligon Park, Florești


Creative writing workshop

The workshops will take the form of Q&A sessions where children are encouraged to ask questions about writing, reading and anything related to the world of books. The meetings aim, among other things, to make known to them what is involved in being a writer or a translator in Romania, as writing is seen both as an art and as a means of acquiring knowledge.

Trainer: Alex Moldovan - children's books author (Olguța, Băiețelul care se putea mușca de nas, Povestiri de citit pe sub bancă)

Ages 7-10 - Sunday, June 11, 12 p.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street), Cluj-Napoca

       Monday, June 12, 4 p.m. – the Barn in Poligon Park, Florești

More information about Alex can be found here:


Trick-Animation & Pixilation Workshop by Bean Bag Animation Studio

In animation anything is possible. Children turn into wizards, objects have a life of their own, gravity disappears. Nothing can limit creativity in the trick animation and pixilation workshop.

Trainer- Kassay Réka, Páll Adél, Vicsi Judith - Bean Bag Animation Studio is a creative animation production space in Cluj, involved in various educational/social projects. Our mission is to visualize values in engaging ways.

Ages 7-11 - Monday, June 12, 4 p.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street), Cluj-Napoca

       Wednesday, June 14, 4 p.m. – the Barn in Poligon Park, Florești

More information about the Studio can be found here:


Art Therapy Workshop


Discovering a new, simple, creative and convenient way of expressing, becoming aware of, releasing and managing personal emotions.

Ages 14-16 - Tuesday, June 13, 3 p.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street), Cluj- Napoca


Deciphering hidden meanings in images to become empowered to choose consciously and freely according to one’s true value and message.

Ages 16-18 - Wednesday, June 14, 3 p.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street), Cluj- Napoca


Discovering, mediating and integrating all family members by creating a common Vision Board / Coat of Arms of the whole family where all family members are symbolically included. Each with their own identity and personality. With this holistic and integrative art therapy approach, everyone finds their place while maintaining their own identity and belonging to the group.

Ages: +4 - Children and parents - Thursday, June 15, 4 p.m. - Barn in Poligon Park, Floresti Facilitator - H.M Iulia-Ioana - therapist, life coach

More details about Iulia can be found here:


Film Acting Workshop

Daniel Nuță's film acting workshop is accessible to any child who is passionate about film or just curious about this world. Learners will discover that anyone can be an actor. There will be a number of creative and fun exercises where the focus will be on demonstrating this theory. Exercises will be filmed and then there will be a viewing and feedback session based on the filmed sequences.

The program is offered by ACADEMIA STUDIOURILE BUFTEA (

Trainer: Daniel Nuță - actor (role of Vlad, Netflix series “Rise of Empires: Ottoman”), producer, trainer.

Ages: 10-18 - Saturday, June 17, 11 a.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street), Cluj-Napoca


Stop-Motion Animation Workshop with LEGO

Intensive stop motion animation workshop where children will learn how to create animated stories using Lego pieces. During each workshop they will learn the basics of stop motion animation using industry standard software and equipment. Workshop organized with the support of Lego Romania.

Trainer: Agata Tabacu - animator, illustrator

Ages: 10-12 - Saturday, June 17, 2 p.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street), Cluj- Napoca

Ages: 12-14 - Sunday, June 18, 3 p.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street), Cluj-Napoca

Ages 7-10 - Friday, June 16, 4 p.m. - Barn in Poligon Park, Florești

More information about Agata can be found here:


Reshape Education

Masterclass for teachers, cultural operators and film education professionals

By Ora de cinema (The Cinema Class) - film education programme in schools

EducaTIFF kicks off the first edition of discussions for film education professionals (teachers, filmmakers, cultural managers). In the two discussion sessions, we will debate topics such as successful models in film education, social actions in the field of cinema, platforms and films for young people.

Special guests - Laufey Gudjonsdottir (director Icelandic Film Center), Sergio Marques (manager Cinema Insuflavel, programmer Play Film Festival Lisbon), Tudor Baciu (manager Cinemabilul), Monica Sebestyen (manager Cinema Arta), Ora de Cinema team and many others.

June 15 and 16, 3 p.m. - Qub, ClujHub (22-26 Regele Ferdinand Street), Cluj-Napoca

Access by invitation or by filling in the registration form (for teachers and cultural operators only) available on