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The Calus in Barla

27.05.2015 11:39

Documentary by Digi World, 58'

Wednesday, June 3rd, 9:30pm, Casa TIFF

The dance of the Calus is the pride of the Balea village, in the Arges county. Gelu, the Bailiff, has “stolen” the ritual from his father, old Crivac, a local legend who, at 94, still burns with the desire to dance. For the Calusari, the Rusalii carol tradition is one of the very few occasions on which they can be admired by the whole village. But the tradition is about to break for the first time in decades. Things are different now and the Calusari find it more and more difficult to gather. Will they be able to overcome rivalries and obstacles in order to dance the Calus? What starts as a basic recording of a tradition turns into documenting a fading custom and a plea for the importance to continue in time the national values. The Calus in Barla is struggling not just with the new generation’s lack of interest, but also with aging and even with the human nature. The ritual is alive as long as the dancers are.