Cine-pool: Short Plays screening | TIFF

Cine-pool: Short Plays screening

18.05.2015 18:20
Club Moving – Hotel Belvedere, Monday, June 1st, 8:30pm
Tickets: 15 lei
This year, TIFF proposes an innovative concept – experiencing the relaxation offered by a pool and a film, simultaneously! The pool of Belvedere Hotel’s Moving Club will host the screening of Short Plays, a unique collage of 31 stories about football fever, stories directed 31 of the world’s leading filmmakers, from Gaspar Noé and Carlos Reygadas, to Vincent Gallo, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Karim Aïnouz. A collection of metaphors that are connected to football through touching and powerful stories filmed over four continents.