Program change: CoinCoin & The Extra-Humans & Full Moon Party

25.04.2019 13:19

Full Moon Party will take place in Clădirea Unirea, from Piața 1 Mai, Cluj Napoca, starting 11:00 PM.

CoinCoin screening will not take place at the Banffy Castle. It is rescheduled for Sunday, June 2nd., at Sapientia University, starting 10:00PM

Tickets bought for the Bontida screening can be changed for one of the two screenings of CoinCoin (June, 2nd and June, 5th)

You can change you tickets for one of the above screenings by clicking on the following links and inserting the number of the bar code from the tickets in the section reserved for badges and cards.

Universitatea Sapientia, June 2nd, 10 PM

Cinema Arta, June, 10 AM

All who already bought tickets for the Bontida screening have free entry to the Full Moon Party

Tickets can be bought at the location. Ticket price: 20 lei