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Concert Koszika & The HotShots

24.07.2020 11:08

Wednesday, the 5th of August, 8:30 PM, Art Museum

Modern pop, funk, jazz and folk-fusion from the wild Carpathians. Energetic, fresh and creative, Koszika, backed by her band, The HotShots, is a live performance you won't forget. Since 2011, Koszika & the HotShots grew to be an important protagonist of the transylvanian music scene. Their eclectic style shows just how diversified the taste of the band’s members are. Asztalos Zsolt - drums, Éltes Áron - sax, Cristina László - piano, synth and backing vocals, Koszorus Krisztina Koszika - voice, Szász Csaba - guitae and Zonda Attila - bass. Together they have won several prizes over the years, and their singer is a triple-awarded jazz vocalist as well. Best served LIVE!


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