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Doom Room - InfiniTIFF

25.05.2017 21:06



Directed by: Jesper Dalgaard | Produced by: Mads Damsbo & Andres N. Beg | Denmark

6 guests per session | 20 min. per session

17.00/ 17.20/ 17.40/ 18.40/ 19.00/ 19.20/ 19.40/ 20.00

Exclusive preview

A unique ceremonial VR installation with live performance that takes you on a journey of self-discovery. One at a time a blindfolded audience of six enters a room. Here they kneel to embody a hunter with a bloody heart in his hand. They go through a spectrum of emotions and spaces that all try to make their heart beat. 

But by traveling through these constructed realities of hyper sensuality and suspension they find themselves searching for meaning, which in the end will resolve in their realization, that they themselves are physically present in the only narrative available - their own.

Artistic statement

We want to use VR as a direct bridge to our subconsciousness. To unfold our fantasy of the bardo’s that follow the death of our earthly bodies, in order to bring the subject of our existence into light. By putting the audience through four unknown and carefully constructed rooms, we want to intensify the present moment. A similarity to psychedelic drugs or electroshock. A brief moment that is just a step on the journey that lasts longer than our earthly life.