Lefthand Shadow - Gyula Havancsák exhibition | TIFF

Lefthand Shadow - Gyula Havancsák exhibition

23.05.2015 22:29
29.05 – 7.06.2015
Cypher Club (4, Horea St.)
Exhibition Formal Opening: 5 June, 7 pm, in the presence of the artist
The pictures exhibited at LEFTHAND SHADOW are only a small part of my oeuvre as I have been working in the field of CD and book cover art since 2001.
Three from the pictures presented here are book covers, all the others are CD or vinyl cover arts, mostly for metal bands, so these are applied art graphics.
The techniques used are also varied, there are some which started from pencil
scratch and were digitally coloured in the end. I used photos as reference for other works, and I continued to overpaint them. 
As for the topics, mostly they are some kind of illustrations, to represent the band or the music visually. 
These works had to meet various criteria in the making, because the pictures would appear on several platforms, from tiny stamp-pictures for ads to t-shirts, or on gigantic backdrops behind the band at a live show. 
I tried to present here works which differ in themes, so you can find gore
(Destruction), fantasy (Sirenia), mythology (TYR) or sci-fi (LEM), and the E.A. Poe cover is basically a still-life.