Opening gala TIFF.18 | TIFF

Opening gala TIFF.18

25.04.2019 13:41

Friday, May 31st, 08:45 PM

Unirii Open Air Square | Tickets:

TIFF.18 opens with one of the most anticipated Romanian premieres of the year, the newest movie directed by Tudor Giurgiu, Parking.  Inspired by Marin-Mălaicu Hondrari’s bestseller  Apropierea ,  Parking is the first Romanian film almost entirely produced abroad ( in Spain). The cast features well-known international actors such as Belén  Cuesta, Ariadna Gil, Luis Bermejo, Eric Frances and Romanian actors – Mihai Smarandache in leading role, Carmen Florescu, Cristi Iacob, Ioan Coman, Emilian Oprea, Paul Cimpoieru.

The movie tells the tale of Adrian (Mihai Smarandache), a poet who immigrates illegally to Spain in 2002 and finds employment as a night guard at a car dealership managed by Rafael. Adrian’s life is forever changed when he meets Maria, a guitar player in a jazz band. His journey in search of great love will turn into a surprising, sensitive and challenging story that the Romanian audience will watch for the first time at TIFF, in the presence of the team, on the giant screen in Unirii Square Open Air.