Performative videopoem - EXEUNT | TIFF

Performative videopoem - EXEUNT

24.07.2020 11:17

Live broadcast, followed by a Q&A with the team.  

Conceived and created collectively in April/May 2020

Director: Bobi Pricop

Texts: Lavinia Braniște

Video: Dan Basu

Music: Eduard Gabia

Programming and technical support: Mizdan

With: Bianco Erdei, Cătălin Filip, Oana Hodade, Lucia Mărneanu, Lucian Teodor Rus, Adonis Tanța

Genre: performative videopoem


Six people have been waiting, for a long time, for a future where they could meet and be together. Loneliness deepens and reveals nostalgia, anxieties, fears. Solitude forces them to discover new means of expression, which they will then have to give up.

Exeunt (lat. exeo – they exit, frequently used as a direction in a play for the exit of a group of actors) will be for them the exit out of intimacy. The way to a joined future is a rediscovery of the world, a journey from a mind collapsed onto itself to a collective mind, a road at the end of which, in a common space, the components of the same organism will bind, one by one, to each other.

Performance produced by Reactor as part of the program „Posthuman. Performative approaches”, co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

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