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Roar - Weekend at the Castle

26.04.2017 14:22



On Saturday, June 3, starting at 21.45, the audience will get to see Roar on a big screen, the first and last film directed by Noel Marshall, the executive producer of The Exorcist (1973) horror. The production of “the most dangerous film ever made” lasted no less than 11 years, and the project almost killed the director and his entire family. It is said that none of the over 150 animals has sufferred during this process, but that more than 70 members of the crew and actors did. The images in the film depict real attacks which caused lesions requiring surgical interventions. TRAILER

The film follows the story of a family attacked by wild animals, and one of the main roles is played by Noel Marshall himself. His then wife, actress Tippi Hedren, famous for her role in Birds (Alfred Hitchcock), and Melanie Griffith, her daughter, are also part of the cast.

“It`s a sort of Jaws in the jungle”, wrote Variety about the movie launched in the USA only in 2015, and one that perfectly blends with this year`s visual campaign of Transilvania IFF, which will be revealed around this time.