Cine-concert: The Phantom of the Opera accompanied live by Samuel Liégeon

16.05.2018 19:55
Ticket Price: 
20 lei
Piarists' Church
Event Date: 
Monday, 28 May, 2018 - 21:30

One of the most famous horrors in the history of the silent movies, The Phantom of the Opera (1924), the black and white classic directed by Rupert Julian, will be presented to the TIFF audience accompanied by the hypnotizing music of the award-winning musician Samuel Liégeon.

The artist, who seduced the public in Europe and the US with his musical improvisations, won 1st prize at the prestigious Boëllmann-Gigout international competition in Strasbourg in 2008, and in the following years he has distinguished himself in international improvisation competitions in Leipzig, Harlem, Münster and Chartres.