Concert Via Dacă | TIFF

Concert Via Dacă

24.05.2019 16:53
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Free entry
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Sunday, 2 June, 2019 - 20:30

From Republic of Moldova, performing a mix of folklore, tribal myths and modern sounds, Via Dacă band arrives at Casa TIFF on Sunday, 2nd of June, starting from 8:30 pm. Their music is a unique polyphonic mix, with a modern touch of acoustic and electronic sounds, including trance, rock, ethno, indie and ambient influences. Discover your own fairy tale through this immersive experience, inspired by old incantations, mantras and folkloric poetry and recreated by the consciousness of today's man.

Since 2018, when the musical project was founded, the newborn band had the opportunity to perform in many music festivals, singing in Moldova, Romania and Canada. Released last autumn, their first EP includes Paparuda – their most popular hit.