Concert Eyot | TIFF

Concert Eyot

24.05.2019 16:51
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Free entry
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Saturday, 1 June, 2019 - 20:30

Saturday, 1st of June, starting from 8:30 pm,  EYOT band comes to Casa TIFF with their eclectic sound that swims from rock to jazz, punk and ambient, impressionism to romanticism. Founded in 2008, the Serbian revelation, also known as ’’Nirvana of jazz’’, stands out as one of the most interesting bands coming out from Europe in the last decade. Their music is an intoxicating mix that is at once meditative and invigorating.

EYOT means: Dejan Ilijic - Pian, claviaturi; Sladjan Milenovic - Guitar; Milos Vojvodic - Drums; Marko Stojiljkovic - Bass

Their live performances are filled with energy and emotions that bring the listener deep into their personal world and create a unique experience. However you want to call their music genre, you have to know that you will not be able to stay listening to their music. Free entrance for everyone.