Concert Funk You! | TIFF

Concert Funk You!

24.05.2019 16:57
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Tuesday, 4 June, 2019 - 20:30

One year ago, Funk You! came to life as an independent project, just to play on a Streetmusic Festival, in order to win the first prize and provide the financial resources for the 3rd album of Yesterdays. Meanwhile, after winning the big prize of another two festivals (Satu Mare Streetmusic Festival Romania and Veszprem Streetmusic Festival Hungary) they decided to go on with this project too, as a new band. On Tuesday, 4th of June, they will perform in Cluj at TIFF, playing a very dynamic show, ready to impress you with lots of positive vibes and frequencies.

Their basic aim is to play "unknown" music, so the audience's attention won't be grabbed by the well known hits, but by the quality music and the vibrant mood of this duo: Stephanie Semeniuc and Bogati-Bokor Akos, two musicians who played leading roles in other Romanian bands. This dynamic duo is a perfect match, covering all the roles of a usual full band. Stephanie sings and plays percussion, Akos plays guitar, sings backing vocals, uses beatboxing techniques, guitar loops, strange effects, so his guitar sounds like a guitar and a bass guitar in the same time. All the curious ones are invited, and the entrance is free of charge!