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Adalbert's Dream

(Visul lui Adalbert)
Gabriel Achim

Adalbert’s Dream is a black comedy based on a real story that happened in a Romanian communist factory. It’s the 8th of May 1986, the anniversary day for the Romanian Communist Party. A day celebrated with pomp, hypocrisy and fear by all the Romanian factories of those times. Besides this political connotation, the day is only two weeks away from the Chernobyl explosion. But most important for Romanians, this is the day when the football team Steaua Bucharest has won the Champions League (for the first and last time in the Romanian football history)!

Gabriel Achim
Gabriel Spahiu
Doru Ana
Ozana Oancea
Anca Androne
Alina Berzunţeanu
Paul Ipate
Mimi Brănescu
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