After The Revolution | TIFF

After The Revolution

După revoluţie (Romania)

Directed by:
Laurentiu Calciu
TIFF edition:

Friday, June 7th - screening preceded by the short film Don't Draw The Curtain (director: Andrei Florescu, 25 min)

Teodor is 10 during the 1989 Romanian Revolution. He sings with dedication the national anthem of Socialist Romania and he admires president Ceauşescu’s portrait. In the beginning, he doubts rumours heard from his classmate about a revolt, but he slowly realizes what is about to unfold...
After the revolution

From the very first shot it becomes obvious we are witnessing a unique document on the mood of a nation shortly after the bloody days of the 1989 Romanian Revolution. The film records the state of affairs in Bucharest, where random protests happen on a daily basis, as many people are worried about the way the self-proclaimed new leaders have taken control. The camera captures the streets filled with people engaged in passionate political debates. The hurried 1990 election is observed in a crowded polling station and concludes with a press conference held by international monitors who appear shocked by the amount of "irregularities" they have witnessed.