All that I love (15+)

Wszystko, co kocham (Poland)


It is a beautiful Spring of 1981 in Poland. In a seaside town, Janek, an 18 year old son of a navy captain, forms a punk-rock band to express the things that matter to him most. His life is all about music and his first great love Basia, but things are about to change. Massive strikes organized by Solidarity sweep through Poland and the Communist party is secretly preparing to impose a martial law. Tension in the country grows. Teenage rebellion becomes dangerous during political turmoil. A clash with a martial law commissar and a death of a loved one will change Janek's world forever...

Awards & Festivals: Sundance 2010, Rotterdam 2010, Pusan 2009, Radio GdaƄsk Golden Clauquer Award for the film with the longest applause - Gdynia 2009

Directed by:
Jacek Borcuch
Mateusz Kosciukiewicz, Olga Frycz, Jakub Gierszal, Andrzej Chyra