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Fernando Léon de Aranoa

Marcela is a young woman in financial straits. She is delighted when she finds a new job: she is to spend the summer looking after an old, bedridden man named Amador and keep him company every day as long as his relatives are on holiday. Marcela and Amador are soon sharing all sorts of secrets, including the fact that Marcela is pregnant. The relationship that evolves between them from now on may well stem from this proximity between life and death, but then, one day, Amador dies. His death makes Marcela unemployed and puts the young woman in a quandary. But she finds a way out of her moral dilemma. Together with Amador, Marcela will prove that death doesn’t necessarily put an end to life...

Festivals: Berlin 2011

Fernando Léon de Aranoa
Magaly Solier
Celso Bugallo
Pietro Sibille
Sonia Almarcha
Fanny De Castro
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