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And If We All Lived Together

Et si on vivait tous ensemble? (Franța, Germania)

Directed by:
Stéphane Robelin
Guy Bedos, Daniel Brühl, Geraldine Chaplin, Jane Fonda, Claude Rich
TIFF edition:

Five close friends, five different characters: Claude, who has always loved women; Annie and Jean, the unlikely couple, he a political activist, she bourgeois and conventional; and Jeanne and Albert, the feminist and the bon vivant. Five longtime friends, five different problems with growing old: Claude’s heart has now grown far weaker than his flaming passion; Jean is denied his humanitarian commitment because his insurance company doesn’t want to take the risk; Annie wants to win back her grandchildren with an expensive garden pool; Jeanne conceals a serious illness; and Albert doesn’t notice that his memory is playing tricks on him. Their solution: moving in together!

Locarno 2011, Buenos Aires 2012

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