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The Angel

Margreth Olin

Lea grows up in a home in which she is given no protection. From being a cheerful, curious little girl, Lea sees her life brutally change when her mother returns to her ex-husband Ole. The death dance between the two adults damages the child growing up between them. Lea turns to inebriation in order to cope with everyday life in her family. Then Lea gives birth to her daughter Sonja. She wants to make a clean break with her family and start a new life. She wants to take care of her child, provide her with the protection she herself was deprived of. But Lea soon realizes she is lacking this ability, and consequently has to make an impossible decision.

Festivals: Toronto 2009, Tallinn 2009, Goteborg 2010

Awards: Best Actress (Maria Bonnevie) - Tallinn 2009, Audience Award - Goteborg 2010

Margreth Olin
Maria Bonnevie
Gunilla Röör
Antti Reini
Börje Ahlstedt
Helene Michelsen
Milla Mykløen
Norway, Sweden, Finland
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