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Angela goes on

Angela merge mai departe (Romania)

Directed by:
Lucian Bratu
Dorina Lazăr, Vasile Miske, Dorin Păunescu, Cornelia Rădulescu, Felicia Popică, Stela Hăulică, Cătălina Murgea
TIFF edition:

A matter-of-fact existence, made by days that are alike one to another: endless wanderings in the streets of Bucharest, unknown people, long evenings spent in front of the TV - this is the summary of a period of time in the life of a lone woman, a taxi driver. Angela seems to resign herself... up to the moment she meets Gyuri, a loner too, divorced from his wife. A strong man, decided to brave the hardships of live, this is the man near whom Angela will be able to... go on. A beatiful love story, a story that could easily be true.