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Ballroom Dancer

Ballroom Dancer (Denmark, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine Russia Hong Kong SAR China Germany Japan)

Directed by:
Christian Bonke, Andreas Koefoed
TIFF edition:

Archive footage from 2000 shows how Slavik had his ultimate moment of glory with his former dance partner. That was the year this Ukrainian first became the World Latin American Dance Champion. A successful career seemed certain, but now 10 years have gone by, and Slavik stopped dancing a long while ago. His body is showing signs of age, but he is still aiming for a comeback. Together with Anna, his partner in dance and life, he wants one more chance to shine on the dance floor. But can Anna deal with her lover's temperamental and demanding nature? And will love get in the way? The film follows the duo all over the world as they travel to international dance competitions, rehearsals and hotel rooms.

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