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Cholita Libre - If you don't fight, you've already lost

Cholita Libre - Wer nicht kampft, hat schon verloren
Jana Richter, Rike Holtz

What they want, they get. If they don’t do it, nobody does. They can lose but that just means that they will continue fighting. With their colourful, glittering skirts they are like flowers on the tarmac. And of course, they are stronger than all the men in the world. They are Cholitas and they are wrestlers. They fight on the stage to show us that this world can change. Lucha Libre (Free Wrestling) is a mix of sport, theatre, and choreography. We get to know Rosita the Heartbreaker, Carmen Rosa the Champion, Yolanda the Passionate and Claudina the Condemned.

Jana Richter, Rike Holtz
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