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Cinema Komunisto

(Cinema Komunisto)
Mila Turajlic

Can cinema forge a country? Cinema Komunisto takes us on a journey through the crumbling remains of Tito’s film industry exploring the rise and fall of the cinematic illusion called Yugoslavia. Using rare footage from dozens of forgotten Yugoslav films, the documentary recreates the narrative of a country, the stories told on screen and the ones hidden behind it. Stars such as Richard Burton, Sofia Loren and Orson Welles add a touch of glamour to the national effort, appearing in super-productions financed by the state. Tito’s personal projectionist, his favorite film director, the most famous actor of partisan films, and the boss of the central film studios – all tell how the history of Yugoslavia was constructed on the screen.

Festivals: IDF Amsterdam 2010, Tribeca 2011, San Francisco 2010, Hot Docs Toronto 2010, Sofia 2011

Mila Turajlic
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