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Dreileben II:Don't Follow Me Around

Dreileben - komm mir nicht nach (Germania)

Directed by:
Dominik Graf
Jeanette Hain, Susanne Wolff, Misel Maticevic
TIFF edition:

Somewhere in the Thuringian Forest – a mythical region full of legends and superstition – a sex offender roams. Police psychologist Johanna is dispatched to Thuringia. She stays with her friend Vera and Vera’s husband Bruno, who have lived in this region for some time now. Old stories and old feelings surface. The two women come to realize that, ten years ago in Munich, they were both in love with the same man at the same time, without ever encountering each other. Don't Follow Me Around is part of the Dreileben project, consisting of three films which will be screened both on their own and in a marathon screening at Transylvania IFF.


Berlin 2011, Locarno 2011

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