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The Eruption

Erupția (Romania)

Directed by:
Liviu Ciulei
Eva Cristian, Lucia Mara Dabija, Lica Popescu, Grazziella Albini, Jean Bart, Dorin Dron, Benedict Dabija, Manole Teodorescu-Badia, Ştefan Ciubotăraşu
TIFF edition:

It was a deserted, torrid place, where the oil derricks lay abandoned and everything was dust and heat-ridden. The people who lived there were unsociable. Most of them had already left the unhospitable place, abandoning the townlet which had bean bustling with life only months before. A few enthusiastic drillers, headed by Barbu, an energetic engineer, stayed however on the spot, drilling desperately in search of oil, the oil which was to bring new life to the whole region and to re-kindle the spark of happiness in the abandoned homes. The things change when a capricious student comes from the Capital for practice work. She is attracted by the energy of the young engineer, but her presence will make strong passions break out in the hearts of the others drillers too...