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Escape from Heaven

Fuga din Rai (Romania)

Directed by:
Stelian Tănase
Dorian Boguţă, Maria Popescu, Theodor Popescu, Gruia Gheorghe
TIFF edition:

Escape from Heaven is a docudrama based on real events that narrates disturbing stories about break-ups and flights, tragedies and great longings, about life. The internal monologue of the characters draws the blurry map of the escape from Romania’s communist hell during the rule of Dej and Ceauşescu, and their iron hand - The Security. Escape from Romania meant regaining your freedom and your human condition. The fugitives were normal people, who planned their escape a few years ahead of their actual flight. They were secretive and calm. They were winners in the eyes of the ones left behind.