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The Good Heart

The Good Heart (Iceland)

Directed by:
Dagur Kári
Brian Cox, Paul Dano, Isild Le Besco
TIFF edition:

Lucas has come to an existential dead-end. He is young and homeless, living in a cardboard box under the Brooklyn Bridge. With total lack of prospects for the future, Lucas tries to commit suicide, but the attempt is a failure. Recuperating in hospital, Lucas is forced to share a room with Jacques, a grouchy old bar-owner whose lifestyle has resulted in no fewer than five heart attacks. With no family and a high risk of passing away any minute, Jacques takes Lucas under his wing with the intention of passing on his legacy. Lucas moves in and everything seems to be going according to plan... Until one rainy night when April, a drunken stewardess, strays into the bar. Lucas is unable to turn this beautiful stranger away and invites her to stay. This poses a dramatic threat to Jacques´ plans and from that point on, things can only go wrong.

Awards & Festivals: Toronto 2009