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Kill me Please

(Kill me Please)
Olias Barco

Dr Kruger wants to modernize suicide. His dream is to create a therapeutic framework where suicide is no longer a tragedy but a simple, medically assisted act. His exclusive clinic attracts a cast of strange characters with a death wish: a famous comedian with cancer, a rich Luxembourg heir, a beautiful but auto-destrucive young girl, a man who has lost everything to his gambling addiction, including his wife. After Dr Kruger consults with each of them about their motives to end it all, each one has the right to a final request. But in the isolated mountains where the good doctor Kruger realizes his dream of the “perfect suicide”, Death strikes only when IT decides the time has come...

Festivals: Roma 2010 (official competition)

Awards: Marc Aurelio Award for Best Film - Roma 2010

Olias Barco
Aurélien Recoing
Virginie Efira
Benoît Poelvoorde
Bouli Lanners
Philippe Nahon
Virgile Bramly
France, Belgium
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