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The last day of winter - Making Of

(The last day of winter - Making Of)
Sergio Fabio Ferrari

Two young lovers are confronted with a betrayal and break where the Heart is open to new experiences. A Heart now dry and hard is what marks the destiny of another couple who lost their son. Elsewhere another heart is going to give new life to a man who wants to be a woman. A young priest discovers how the choice of priesthood can tighten the heart until it splits. Four stories, linked by the beating of feelings, run to find a break, a solution, an end, a change. Each will have its destiny, in which no heart will neever be in peace

Sergio Fabio Ferrari
Manoah Gulrich, David Frampton, Elsa Mollien, Sarah McCaffrey, Jamie Thompson, Rufus Frampton, Priscilla Gray, Matthew Pinckney, Jerry-Jane Pears, Joseph Sinclair, Rachel Dobell
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