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The last day of winter - Making Of

The last day of winter - Making Of (UK)

Directed by:
Sergio Fabio Ferrari
Manoah Gulrich, David Frampton, Elsa Mollien, Sarah McCaffrey, Jamie Thompson, Rufus Frampton, Priscilla Gray, Matthew Pinckney, Jerry-Jane Pears, Joseph Sinclair, Rachel Dobell
TIFF edition:

Two young lovers are confronted with a betrayal and break where the Heart is open to new experiences. A Heart now dry and hard is what marks the destiny of another couple who lost their son. Elsewhere another heart is going to give new life to a man who wants to be a woman. A young priest discovers how the choice of priesthood can tighten the heart until it splits. Four stories, linked by the beating of feelings, run to find a break, a solution, an end, a change. Each will have its destiny, in which no heart will neever be in peace