Life during wartime

Life during wartime (USA)


There is Joy, who discovers her husband Allen is not quite cured of his peculiar “affliction” and runs away, seeking solace and guidance from her mother and sisters; her former suitor Andy, now deceased, but still never giving up in his effort to win Joy’s heart; her sister Trish who meets Harvey, a lonely divorced man on the cusp of retirement, and hopes that a new man in the house will bring stability to her fragile family; her sister Helen who feels victimized by both her family and her Hollywood success; her mother Mona, who can’t let go of her bitterness about men... All these characters and storylines - alternately funny, sad and outrageous, expand, and collide to create a kaleidoscopic portrait of prisoners of love and life during wartime.

Awards & Festsivals: Golden Osella for Best Screenplay - Venice 2009, Best Actress (Allison Janney) - Mar de Plata 2009

Directed by:
Todd Solondz
Shirley Henderson, Allison Janney, Ciarán Hinds, Charlotte Rampling, Ally Sheedy, Michael Kenneth Williams