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Life Was That


Directed by:
David Martín de los Santos
Petra Martínez, Anna Castillo, Florin Piersic Jr., Ramón Barea
TIFF edition:

In a hospital in Belgium, María and Verónica, two Spanish immigrants who have ended up there escaping from different crises, meet: María, in the migratory wave of the seventies, and Verónica, in the face of the lack of prospects for today's youth. A bond is established between them, a friendship that, after an unexpected event, will push Maria to return in search of Veronica's family in Cabo de Gata. A very different kind of Spain from the one she left, and one in which she will rediscover herself.

Ziua 6
28 July
Ziua 4
26 July
Ziua 10
01 August
Location: Military House
Hour Location
15:45 Military House