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As Long As You're Healthy

Tant Qu'on A La Santé
Pierre Étaix

Pierre is a serious-minded young man with a lot of good will but he doesn’t feel comfortable in this 20th century, threatened as it is by the effects of absurd modernism. It’s nothing but noise and rush in an environment infested by cranes and cars. Everything shakes in the street and in his apartment. Because of the vibration, his girlfriend’s portrait falls into the waste paper basket. She is astonished when she arrives. She runs out. Unable to stand the noise any longer, Pierre goes to the countryside to recover and savor the delights of silence.

Festivals: Sorrento 1966, San Sebastian 1966

Awards: Silver Mermaid - Sorrento 1966, Silver Shell - San Sebastian 1966

Pierre Étaix
Pierre Étaix
Denise Péronne
Simone Fonder
Sabine Sun
Véra Valmont
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